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Food and Restaurants

The dining options available in Los Angeles are unparalleled. As the most diverse city in the United States, LA hosts every type of cuisine imaginable: American, Mexican, Chinese, and more in its many ethnic enclaves. Five-star dining experiences abound, and Privée LA is here to make sure you experience the highest-quality food and service on your luxury trip.

Dining Services

Some of the dining services we provide include:


  • Restaurant recommendations in advance of your trip
  • Planning your itinerary to fit in all the dining experiences you wish
  • Transportation to your selected restaurants using our private chauffeur service
  • Making your reservations
We’ve established connections at high-end restaurants that will help you get a table even on busy nights. Restaurants will often find a way to fit in customers who are recommended by trusted concierge services. After your dining experience, let us know if it lived up to your expectations. Your feedback helps us stay on top of the fast-changing LA dining scene.

If high-end dining at a sit-down restaurant isn’t your priority, we’re happy to help you with other recommendations for local eateries, or even arrange to have food delivered to you. Whatever you want your Los Angeles food and restaurant experience to be, we can make it happen.