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24/7 Assistant

During your visit to Los Angeles, we provide the services of a 24/7 assistant to help with whatever you need. You’ll have peace of mind day and night, with someone on call to take care of requests with all possible speed.

Even though your visit will be planned far in advance, with reservations made, tickets bought, and hotels booked, many people like to leave some spontaneity in their vacations. Perhaps you’ve just heard of a hot new tourist spot you want to visit. Or you need some last-minute shopping done for a new outfit. Your assistant can make it happen.


Among the services your 24/7 assistant can provide are:


  • Keeping track of your itinerary and keeping you on schedule
  • Making spur-of-the-moment reservations or changes to the plan
  • Personal shopping and running errands
  • Watching over young, elderly, or disabled members of your party
  • Recommending local attractions
At Privée LA, we believe that you should never have to worry about the minutiae of your LA trip: scheduling, reservations, travel times. Your assistant will take care of all the minor details so you don’t have to. It is our pleasure to provide the most comfortable, luxurious, and memorable experience for our clients.

Contact us today to ask about our 24/7 assistant services. We can set up an introductory meeting with a member of our team to start scheduling your visit to Los Angeles.