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Travel Concierge FAQ

The Privée LA team can plan the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. We have access to amazing 5-star resorts and villas all around the world. Our team will take care of everything from helping you plan your trip to assisting you in real time with anything you may need while you are away. We can provide you with an experience fit for only the most elite clientele.
What is a travel concierge?
A travel concierge is your personal assistant for the duration of your trip. Their job is to see to your needs and make every aspect of your trip as smooth, comfortable, and exceptional as possible.

The term comes from the hotel world, where a concierge, who usually lives on the premises, takes the welfare of every person staying in their hotel as a personal responsibility. But unlike a hotel concierge, a travel concierge has just one responsibility: you and your party.

What services can a travel concierge provide?

A travel concierge has a wide range of responsibilities, infinitely customizable to the scope of your trip. These may include:

  • Booking your flights
  • Suggesting an itinerary
  • Meeting you upon arrival and accompanying you on any desired portion of your trip
  • Securing your hotel bookings
  • Making restaurant reservations
  • Buying tickets for entertainment events
  • Helping you with any day-to-day issues that may arise
What services are beyond the scope of a travel concierge?

Though we attempt to fulfill any reasonable request, there are a few services that are outside the scope of a travel concierge, including:

  • Gossip. Part of a concierge’s job is discretion, so we will be unable to advise you on the movements of celebrities or other clients. This includes making personal introductions to celebrities.
  • Illegal or immoral activities. A concierge will do anything to fulfill your request within the scope of the law, and cannot assist in buying illegal goods and services, or helping you engage in illegal or dubiously legal conduct.
  • Booking tickets to truly sold-out shows. Sometimes, there are strings a concierge can pull to get tickets, but if a show is truly sold-out, that is unfortunately outside our control.
  • Reversing event cancellations or defying health protocols. Similarly to the above, if an event is cancelled due to health or safety reasons, that is a decision made by the venue and outside our control.
Where can I find a Los Angeles travel concierge?
At Privée LA, we are your travel concierge. We can perform the services outlined here and more. Just ask, and we can accommodate: anything from room upgrades to customized tours to special dining experiences. Our goal is to help you experience the best of Los Angeles.